Is Search Engine Optimisation in 2020 useful?

Is Search Engine Optimisation Useful?

Is Search Engine Optimisation in 2020 useful? | SEO in 2020 | Rjuhasta | Search Engine Optimisation in 2020

Perspective for SEO has been changing for more than a decade.

Not just from a technical perspective but also from content that is being optimized and marketed. This brings us the question, is Search Engine Optimisation in 2020 dead?

The search never stops roughly 64815 searches each second.

Even the long-tail phrases have a lot of content on them, which means content creation is also not dead.

CTRs (Click through Rates) are also dropping since Google started their cards which answers your questions without clicking and reading an article about the topic.

SEO in 2020 | Search Engine Optimisation in 2020 | Rjuhasta


Google Snippet taking away clicks from

The current situation in digital marketing

Every decade the marketing channels change, either there’s a new channel out or the existing one updates itself.

Right now Facebook Marketing is on a peak, but the same can be said for it too. Banner ads don’t have the same CTR as before.


You cannot go backward in marketing. SEO in 2020 is different than SEO in 2010, but it’s still relevant.

Answer to is Search Engine Optimisation in 2020 dead?

No, SEO in 2020 is not dead. The main reason behind the channel not being dead is CTRs are never to be left behind. Every click on your content be it audio/video or non-audio/video is good CTR.


Many blogs are still having good rankings and ROIs through SEO just because they are not dropping the channel and are leaning its trends with the change it’s bringing with it.


With the dropping audience on the channel, we also have to consider stopping the obsession for Google. Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, and also privacy-oriented search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Startpage are to be considered too.


SEO doesn’t have a viral factor to it. Everything takes time, unlike a video that can be shared with millions of users just by making it viral with some new generation factors in it.