Email Marketing

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Do you know there is a way of marketing where you can get the best ROI possible on the least amount of money spent? Along with that, can you send your message to many people at once? There is one, and it is called e-mail marketing.

We at Rjuhasta cater for the best email marketing campaigns

Craft beautiful emailers, newsletters for your audience and make your visitors come back to you every time for more.

Our email marketing services include:

Creating tailor-made and beautiful templates

Writing the content that users will love

Economical Email Promotion Solutions


By having clear messaging and targeting. Being clear and consistent is the key.

Being one of the least costly methods, it’s a great way of reaching your audience with the various updates happening in your brand.

The more visitors you get on your site, along with the customer data- can help you increase your email list.

It all goes down to the type of product/service you are promoting. You can go daily, fortnightly, or monthly.

With the tools and insights, analysing the funnel for the results is achieved.

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