Top 3 Trends in Marketing That Will Carry Into 2023

Stay ahead of the curve by adopting your marketing strategies with the latest trends. Here we will list the best-performing strategies of 2022 that are still gaining traction and will carry forward to 2023.


1. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has only been increasing in popularity throughout 2022 and is likely to keep going this way in 2023. We say this because approximately 90% of marketers who currently engage with influencer marketing will increase or maintain their investment next year. This is because they are seeing good results. Not just that, but 17% of marketers are planning to invest in it for the first time next year.


2. Short Videos (REELS!)

Shorter attention spans mean shorter videos. Reels on Instagram and Facebook, Shorts on Youtube and TikTok videos have escalated in popularity in 2022. According to the top management of these social media platforms, this trend will not fall anytime soon. A majority of marketers using short-form video will increase or maintain their investment next year, and 1 in 5 marketers plan to leverage short-form video for the first time in 2023. 


3. Customer service on Social Media

A customer today finds it easier to contact a brand’s social media page rather than call a customer service number. It is many times their first point of contact with the brand. Social media makes it easier to have a one-on-one personal conversation with customers. Therefore, don’t miss out on this great opportunity of leveraging social media as a customer service tool. Using social media for customer service is relatively new. So much so, more than a quarter of marketers use direct messages (DM’s) to offer customer support, and 15% of marketers plan to try it for the first time in 2023.

It’s no coincidence that this trend is emerging at a time when many social media platforms — namely Instagram and Facebook — are expanding their e-commerce capabilities. For this reason, providing customer service on these platforms will become even more crucial.


While following trends, it is important to keep in mind your branding. You don’t want to lose your brand identity just to stay relevant, and at the same time, you don’t want to miss out and become irrelevant. 

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