Social Media and Email Marketing: The powerful marketing duo!

The Batman and Robin of Marketing: Social Media and Email Marketing! When used together effectively they are an unbeatable team. Both are useful in different ways and can be leveraged to grow your audience and build your brand.

Separately utilized the two tools have their pros and cons but together they can help supercharge engagement and build your subscribers list. Ultimately, they benefit not just your bottom-line sales but also your top-line brand awareness!

In this blog we will discuss:

  • The differences between Email marketing and Social media and their importance in your content marketing strategy
  • How to best combine the two tools for a successful marketing campaign

Social media marketing

Social media is a tool that works for most industries in both B2B and B2C. We just need to note that each platform has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your target audience.

  • Instagram: Best for visual branding and viral marketing with features like Reels, Stories and Carousel posts. It is especially useful for Influencer and user-generated content.
  • Facebook: This platform enables focused and systematic targeting of over 1 billion active users. Mostly millennial and boomer audience engagement.
  • Linkedin: The best platform for targeting B2B prospects. It can be done through ads, networking and personal branding.
  • Twitter: Best for trendy moment marketing as it can be done quickly without creatives.
  • Pinterest: An excellent tool to increase traffic to your website. With a 363 million user base worldwide, it’s great for boosting your global visibility.
  • YouTube: It is known for its high conversions and engagement rates, with 84% of people saying they have purchased a product or service after watching a brand video.

👉 Rjuhasta Tip!

When choosing your social media platforms, highly consider your target market. Which platform has most of your target audience? For example, a make-up store that sells teenage-focused products would choose to focus on Instagram, a small furniture business would be more active on Facebook and Pinterest, and larger brands might use Twitter more actively.

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Email Marketing

While social media is about widening the top of your marketing funnel and expanding your reach, email marketing is a more one-on-one communication channel that enables you to turn potential leads found on social media or other avenues into long-term loyal customers. A systematic targeted email marketing strategy is essential because:

  • Gives you direct communication with your potential and existing customers and you can curate the full experience.
  • You can send personalised and targeted communication to different audiences
  • It builds a strong bottom of the funnel for all your marketing efforts, where you can distribute other special value addition marketing content, such as sales, regular newsletters, podcasts, blogs and loyalty programs.
  • Gather data about your customers effectively with email analytics. Email is a great platform to A/B test your ideas.
  • Emails remain in your customer’s inboxes for a long time, which keeps them at the top of their mind longer.
  • Email marketing is cost-effective compared to other platforms.
  • Email generates better ROI (return on investment). $38 for every $1 spent!

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Choose an experienced email marketing service provider which offers user-focused design, email automation and campaign analytics. Like us, for example! Rjuhasta is the best email marketing company in India NCR. We cater to a huge array of industries. You can find out more about Rjuhasta’s service by reaching out to us!

Email marketing WITH Social media marketing

Comparing social media and email marketing is like arguing over which is more useful — a fishing pole or a net. There is no point in comparing the two because they serve unique purposes. Social media is like the net; you can catch a lot of fish, but only some of them can be sold. Email marketing is like the fishing pole. You can add the right kind of bait to attract the right fish, but it won’t yield a huge catch.

Social media and email work well when used together. To guide you to a better strategy,

here are some ways to integrate your content into both tools:

1. Create and join groups

Private groups on platforms like Facebook and Linkedin are great ways to engage with your community, and then also offer them something valuable for joining the group. At the time of joining the group, they must provide their email and opt-in for marketing emails. This approach is long-term and takes patience and dedication, but helps you build a great subscriber list of like-minded people.

2. Redirect from your social media pages

Instead of adding your website to your page, you can even add a link to a custom landing page which will feature an incentive with a call-to-action (CTA) to subscribe to your emailers. Keep in mind that the offer should be compelling and relevant to your audience. This works best on Instagram and Pinterest. For LinkedIn, you can make a creative media post and ask people to subscribe in the caption.

3. Launch a paid ad campaign

With a bigger budget, you can really scale up your subscriber list through ads. You can post an ad with a killer incentive and amplify it to your target audience. For this, we recommend Meta’s Facebook and Instagram ads or Linkedin Ads. If your budget allows for this, it is worth investing in for a better ROI. You should test your ads with your existing audiences first, and then use the best-performing ad for the paid campaign.

4. Host a Facebook Live or Instagram Live session

Use the live feature on either Instagram or Facebook, where you can share tips and tricks about your industry and answer customers’ queries. This builds a stronger personal connection with your audience. At the end of the session, pitch your free incentive value content, which they can access by sharing their email address.

5. Launch a social media contest/giveaway

A social media giveaway is a great way to collect email addresses. Use your social pages to announce the giveaway or contest, along with a link to a landing page where people can sign up for a chance to win. Contests have a conversion rate of 34%, so definitely worth considering!

6. Use social media influencers

It’s all about Influencers today. Collab with popular yet appropriate for your audience social media influencers to enhance your brand awareness. This is a growing marketing trend, and this year 17% of marketers plan to spend over half their marketing budget on influencers.

Your social media audiences follow you so that they can engage with you. They are essentially low-hanging fruit just waiting to become email subscribers. But it isn’t as easy as just putting a signup form in front of them.

You must understand your customer deeply. Once you know their true desires you must give them a compelling reason to sign up. With these insights, you can leverage your social media heavily to gain new email subscribers. In turn, when you have social media followers that are subscribers as well, your email content will reach a lot more people when they share it.

7. User-generated referrals through social media

Email marketing is personal because it allows you to talk one-on-one with your potential customers. While this is very powerful, it only reaches the number of people on your subscriber list. How can you get your email content to reach more people?

Encourage them to share it on social media!

Every mailer must always include social icons. Allowing your readers to instantly share your content on their social media of choice is an easy opportunity to increase your reach and perhaps pick up new subscribers.

We have done this repeatedly for our clients. This has boosted their conversion rates, their visibility and overall profit! This is what makes Rjuhasta the best email marketing agency in IndiaReach out to us today to find out how we can help your company reach new heights!

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