How to know when your Business needs a Re-design?

Re-designs can be tricky, and you must consider some important questions to make that decision. 

  1. How much Trust does your brand have already?

  2. Is your Target Audience being reached?

  3. Can your brand expand using its existing design?

Consistency builds Trust and Recognition.

Let’s take Tropicana’s Redesign in 2009 as an example. This re-designing cost Tropicana an estimated $137,000,000 and a 20% decrease in sales for their product.

Tropicana’s signature packaging had a fresh orange with a straw on it. Changing the signature orange was a mistake that cost Tropicana millions of dollars. Tropicana switched back to its original design after a few months.

A Branding Makeover CAN be a great thing

Sometimes, a total re-imagining for brands not doing well can be used strategically to bring you back into the game and for retargeting. For example, while re-branding Herbal Essences in 2013 they integrated aspects of their older design in the ’90s to appeal to newer audiences.

Use Design to Establish yourself

When a company hasn’t had the chance to develop a strong, established brand, a total redesign is needed to help it increase visibility while representing its values accurately.

When embarking on the re-branding journey, it is essential to have a creative agency on your side that understands your goals and values to ensure a smooth transition.

Rjuhasta has helped numerous companies with their rebranding, be it a complete redesign or maintaining consistency.

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